Spare Parts & Products

* All types of Spare parts of varriac/Dimmer from 2 amp to 200 amp i.e. Bakelite, plastic, Metal
* Bakelite, D.M.C., S.m.C., Moulding works
* AC Synchronous Motor 240 V, 50 Hz, 60 RPM Instant Start/Stop/Reversible Torque : 3 Kg cm & 10 Kg cm
* Plastic Moulded Gears ( Derlin) : Moulded Gears from 12 Teeth to 180 Teeth & also compoundGears 12/48, 12/36, 16/60, 16/40, 20/40, 16/64 in 20 D.P.
* All types of DMC modular Bus Bar Insulators.
* All types of open type & close type connectors, Terminal Block (4,6,,10,12, way; 15 Amp., 30 Amp., 60 Amp.)

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Plastic Moulded Gears ( Derlin)

Phicap Capacitor

Sandeep intoduces Derlin white coloured moulded gears. All these gears are having 20 D.P. teeth.
Standard gears :
Available with 12, 24,30,36,40,48,64,80, 96 and 180 teeth & have center aluminium bush with 3/8" or 5/8" dia. hole with 3 nos. tqpped holes provided for easy mounting.
Gears with 12, 16, 20 & 24 teeths are available without center aluminium bush and with 3/8" dia. D slot.

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Current Transformer

Bar primary ring type curent transformers are secondary coil wounded on a torroidal core if high permeability silicon steel. The conductor through which the current is to be measured is passed through the hole of the current transformer. This conductor acts as primary winding and generates proportionate low current in the winding wound on the ring of the current transformer. The windings of the current transformer provides lower proportional current which can be easily measured by the measurng instruments. Current Transformers also isolate measuring instruments and protective devices from mains and higher voltages.

It is easier to measure high current without breaking the bus bars or cables by means of bar primary current transformer, which can be supplied over the bus bar, or cable. These CT's are study, compact and economical.
The secondary of CT's should not be open circuited when primary is energized as it may harm the operator to high voltage.

Plastic Moulded Gears ( Derlin )

Plastic Moulded Gears

' Sandeep' introduces plastic (Polyacetal resin ) white coloured moulded gears. Delrin is very strong material and requires no lubrication for gears. All these gears are having 20 D.P. teeth.

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Powder Phenolic Resin ( Unmodified )


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